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Monopoly, the classic fixture of family game nights, has successfully made the leap into the digital world. Ubisoft's rendition transforms the quintessential board game into a dynamic digital experience, skillfully modernizing it while preserving its competitive core and strategic gameplay. This virtual variant opens its doors to a broad audience, spanning from seasoned aficionados to newcomers drawn to the thrill of property trading.

Gamers can access the virtual Monopoly on an array of platforms, including the PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs, ensuring that whether you're an ardent console player or a laid-back PC user, the game is within reach. The digitized edition offers a convenient, updated spin on the iconic game, promoting remote multiplayer sessions – an ideal way to remain connected and entertained in the current climate.

Evaluating the Digital Twist on Monopoly

In transposing Monopoly to a video game, Ubisoft has been largely successful, featuring vivid graphics, charming animations, and an inviting game atmosphere. A tutorial mode assists newcomers, promising an inclusive experience for all participants, regardless of prior familiarity with the traditional board game.

Yet, the transition to digital is not without issues. Reports of sporadic glitches and bugs have marred the experience for some, and the game's computer-controlled opponents occasionally exhibit puzzling behavior, diluting the game's competitive edge in solo mode. The lack of a quick save function is another sticking point, as the often-protracted Monopoly sessions can be problematic for players unable to commit to a full game in one go.

Player Feedback and Final Thoughts

Overall, player sentiment suggests that the Monopoly video game admirably conveys the essence of the board game that has been cherished for generations. Compliments on the graphics and easy access abound, with several players expressing that the game has reignited their passion for the classic in an innovative format. Highly appreciated is the capability to engage in gameplay with friends or family members at a distance, infusing a new element of competition into the beloved game..

There is certainly room for progress. Enhancing stability and refining the AI's decision-making logic could significantly elevate the gameplay. Introducing a quick save option would also be a considerable improvement. Nonetheless, Ubisoft's Monopoly video game holds sway with its target audience, nearly delivering on its promise to offer a contemporary and delightful rendition of the beloved traditional board game.


  • Educational
  • Family Friendly
  • Replay Value
  • Multiplayer
  • Digital Convenience.


  • Long Game Time
  • Lack of Action
  • Limited Players
  • Can Cause Arguments.


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