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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor has emerged as a distinctive entry in the stealth horror gaming genre. Created by Dynamic Pixels and brought to market by tinyBuild, the game invites gamers into a world brimming with tension and enigma. As the protagonist, players find themselves settling into a new area only to become suspicious of the curious behaviors of a neighbor. Tasked with infiltrating this neighbor's home undetected, the ultimate goal is to discover the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface in his basement.

Visual Presentation

Hello Neighbor distinguishes itself with its bright and stylized graphics. The cartoonish appearance masks the ominous themes of the game, creating a striking dichotomy that entices players. The eye-catching world and meticulous settings contrast sharply with the eerie mood of the game, forging an absorbing experience. Notably, the design of the alarmingly erratic neighbor character stands out, perfectly capturing his menacing essence and leaving a lasting impression as the game’s central adversary.

Game Mechanics

Fundamentally, Hello Neighbor is a thrilling chase between the cunning and the pursued. Players must stealthily enter the neighbor's residence, dodging detection while piecing together the puzzle. A standout feature of the Hello Neighbor lies in its sophisticated artificial intelligence–the neighbor learns from player decisions, adapting tactics and laying traps in increasingly cunning ways. This adds a layer of spontaneity to the game, making each session uniquely challenging and stimulating.


Though the storyline follows a defined path, Hello Neighbor boasts significant replayability. The adaptive nature of the game's AI means each playthrough varies, providing fresh experiences and demanding novel solutions. Furthermore, the pursuit of different endings and uncovering various secrets throughout the house gives players ample reason to dive back into the suspenseful world of Hello Neighbor.

Overall Impressions

In conclusion, Hello Neighbor excels as a unique mix of surreptitious gameplay and frightening elements, delivering an enticing package for aficionados of the horror genre. With its exceptional AI system, intriguing concept, and striking visuals, the game merits attention despite any imperfections it may have. Its strong aspects truly outweigh its shortcomings, rendering it a notable title within its genre.


  • Unique and engaging premise
  • Vibrant, cartoonish graphics
  • Advanced AI that adapts to the player's actions
  • High replay value due to varying gameplay
  • Multiple endings and hidden secrets
  • Immersive sound design that enhances the atmosphere
  • Challenging gameplay that requires strategic thinking.


  • Some puzzles can be overly complicated
  • Gameplay might feel repetitive for some players
  • Minor graphical glitches could occur
  • The game's difficulty might be too high for casual gamers.


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Hello Neighbor
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